Coronavirus Tips for the safety of You and People Around

The self hygiene is very necessary during this time to avoid self and spreading of virus with others.

Make a Self Hygiene against Corona Virus

  • Wear Face mask while going outside.
  • Wash hands with water and soap.
  • Get towel in hands to cough and sneeze.
  • Make a proper distance while talking.
  • Avoid touching Eyes and Nose before washing hands.
  • Dispose tissues after use.
  • Follow advice given by Governments.
  • Avoid physical contacts with other people.
  • Spend most of the time inside house.
  • Make sure hands are clean while cooking.

People who feels cough, fiver and breathing issues must contact with medical care without giving much think.

Hygiene needed for workers

  • Do self work in possible areas.
  • Place a hand hygiene sanitizer in the office.
  • Ask everyone to wear face mask.
  • Self travel by avoiding public transport.
  • Avoid Shake hands and unnecessary talks.
  • Make separate place or time while eating.
  • Avoid sharing food.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC also published by President’s Coronavirus Guidelines which can help to slow down the spreading of Coronavirus. Different protection tips and advice for people who think they are having fiver or certain conditions.

Coronavirus Symptoms in Kids

Childrens are less affected by coronovirus. Make sure they are following up the regulations. Give them cleaning materials and tell them to use it frequent. No need to force them or insist on things. Just a calm talk will be enough, then only they will understand the seriousness. Make them play inside the house. Give medical care if any symptom arises.

Coronavirus tips for Elderly

The severe chronic illness are speedily affected by this disease. They need to go for check ups and given for virus test. They need to stay inside the home. Avoid public places and stay in rooms that are fully closed. If any symptoms or feeling comes, immediately call for the emergency medical care. No need to panic with the situation.

What to People with COVID-19

  • Stay inside home alone.
  • Wait for the test result.
  • Avoid direct contact with anybody.
  • Do the regulations given by government.

By doing so, you will be breaking the chain of virus spread. For medical emergency, you can call 911 for immediate help.