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Coronaviruses are zoonotic, that is they are transmitted between animals and humans. Many of those who were initially infected often worked or bought at the Huangan wholesale sanian fish wholesale market in the heart of the Chinese city.

Typical symptoms of Coronavirus are fever and cough, which can turn into severe pneumonia, leading to shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. The increase in the number of daily confirmed cases internationally is cause for concern. Covid-19 causes severe respiratory diseases in about 20% of patients and kills 2-3% of infected persons.

According to the world health organization, more than 82,000 people are currently infected worldwide. The most common symptoms of coronaviruses are fever, cough, muscle pain and fatigue; headache, diarrhea and cough with mucus or blood were less common.

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Masks are only useful if you already have a respiratory infection and want to minimize the risk of spreading to others. Prevention also includes hand washing, coughing, self-sufficiency and attention to government information.

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