Common App for College Seekers

Joining a college is a very challenging task for the students as well as their parents. Finding the best college is a vital part of the education you are going to have. So all the students, as well as their parents, spend hours filling out an application to every college the want to have admission in. The Common Application or the Common App is a boon for all the students who are about to take admission.

It may seem like a newer concept for you, but this initiative is almost 40 years old. A group of colleges has combined to streamline the application process. To make it more clear, the Common app is a non-profit membership organization that consists of 900 colleges in all 50 states and 20 countries.

Common App login and details filling

Filling in application forms of each college is very tiring. Almost all the application forms are lengthy and students have to answer the same questions in every application form. This online platform can be made use of by the students that need only the necessary information. For extra curricular activities, there are specialized areas. Students get a step-by-step guide that gives the student every single detail, be it a first-year student or a transfer student.

The students can make use of the Common App to choose from the participating colleges and universities. The app gives you all the information like location, campus setting, size, and financial aid offerings. The Common App is completely free app, but you will have to pay the application fees for the individual colleges.

Counselors, advisors, parents, as well as teachers, can check the progress of the students in their application process. There is also an option for the teachers to submit recommendation letters. The college that collaborates with Common App will have an agreement that they won’t discriminate against any of the students who use the app.

It is on August 1 the new edition of the Common App opens every year. But the students are allowed to open an account at any time and can transfer their information to the new edition of the app when it begins. Go to the and click the Apply Now button. You will get all the details of creating an account and how to apply it through the app. The Common App mobile app is also available that allows to keep track of deadlines, invite recommenders and set reminders.

The time a student takes to fill in the application form will be based on the requirements of the colleges. It will be great if the students can give at least six weeks to get everything they will need to fill in the application because they will need some time to produce the required documents. It will take time for the students to produce recommendation letters. So a six week time will be needed.

Common App Essay Prompts

The Common App Essay Prompts is also a very popular feature. There is a word limit of 650 words for essays. Topics vary according to the colleges. Some of the colleges ask students to write about their experience of learning and personal growth. Students can also choose any topic of their choice or a topic that attracts them.

The Common App’s Blog allows the students to see the essay prompts. Every other year, there will be a review of the prompts by the organization. You can choose from the seven options available. Choose the one that can provide an insight into the student’s identity that are not portrayed through the application. Look beyond academics to think about what makes you special. All the colleges do not ask the student to submit an essay. Some colleges that ask for a supplemental essay examples or additional information.

Apart from the video tutorials, the Common App has year-round technical support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you if you face any problem with the app. There are answers to frequently asked questions and you can submit your questions too. You will get an answer within 20 minutes.

For providing new design, greater functionality and flexibility, the app provides updates too. These updates make the app more user-friendly. With each update, the app becomes more popular among the students.