Psychological Color Test for knowing Disposition

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The Color Oracle test is designed by Johannes Schneider. You need to select the colors and sort them based on which are most appealing to you. After arranging them this character test will tell you everything you need to know about yourself.

Forecast Horoscopes

The natal horoscope is taken into result of the Yearly Horoscope. calculates the Psychological Horoscope behind the scenes as a basis for decisions which transits and progressions which are chosen.

The lists of transits for each day are the same while current transit selected for a particular day will have changes. It is impossible to always select the most important transit. In such cases, choice of the current transit is arbitrary.

Psychological Horoscope

It is a highly sophisticated interpretation model. It uses different astrological techniques for Horoscope Analysis. The relationship patterns between the parents will be taken in account in Psychological horoscope.

Relationship Horoscope

It will help to understand a relationship. The evocation occurs when interdependence occur between in your and your partner charts. It triggers effects between natal chart and composite.