Connect Students, Teachers and Parents Together

Classdojo is a classroom management service that help teachers, students and parents to communicate each other. T

his service is available for Android, Kindle Fire, ios and on their website. Students using Classdojo will get more engagement for their studies and other activities needed for their healthy education.

ClassDojo School Story and Class Story

The Schools can sent Newsletter of Events, Activities and other Announcements through School Story to all families included in ClassDojo.

The common Photos, Videos of celebrations, awards and interesting things can be shared with parents, teachers and students. This will strengthen relation among School management and Student Parents.

Class Story is a private feed to share moments happened in the Class rooms. These movements will be shared with Class room family. Class story helps to share class room activities, field trips, visits to other places, anchor charts and many other things. We can add upto 10 photos in a single post.

The parents can share their thoughts and sent their love on these posts. By watching student activities by parents, the students will know about their parent’s care towards them. This have increased knowledge for parents about their kids activities on School.

The Messaging service help teachers to sent messages to parents without giving their original number. Teachers can also add quiet hours for messaging to avoid late night messages. Sent reminders for important things and other student related talks can directly sent to Parents through Classdojo messaging.

The Translation service will automatically translate languages to respective language for the better communication. Classdojo can translate over 35 languages.

Class Dojo Student Portfolio

Portfolios are really fun for kids to use, especially in elementary school. The Portfolios added in Classdojo can make creativity over students. The students can showcase their ideas, experiments and learnings in their portfolio.

The students need to create an account using their mobile number or Google account to use this service. The student portfolios must be approved by the teacher in order to make it visible in the shared home.

Teachers, parents, and students use the same free ClassDojo app to be part of the portfolio excitement. Parents only see their child’s work, making Portfolios a safe place to get positive feedback from their teachers and their parents.

The Portfolio can contain Photos, Videos, Drawings, Files, Presentations, Journals, Annotations etc. The teachers and parents have option to share their comments on student portfolios to encourage their talent.

It’s the ultimate bundle for parents – instant messaging, photos and updates from class, and seeing their child’s digital portfolio. Once teachers approve student-submitted work, parents get to add encouragement on their child’s portfolio!

Teachers can add activities and challenges for students in Classdojo. These activities can be organized by subjects, topics or by other learning elements.

The Activity progress of each student can be monitored by the teacher. This will help teachers to give more care on backward students and help them to give a better learning.

After each activity completion teachers can review works done by their students and give them respective marks. The teachers can give activities of Home works, Assignments, Projects etc.

The student reports and feedbacks can be organized and easily managed through Classdojo. Teachers can also mark attendance of each student from class section.

Classdojo makes opportunity for every students to perform with their talent and creativity. Students can enjoy their learning inside and outside of their school. Through Classdojo, the teachers can communicate with their student Parents easily and take care of student needs without any problems.

If any teacher is going to change their class, the teacher can share their class with another teacher. All the details of students will be reflected on the co-teacher’s account.

The Classdojo analytics overview will help school leaders to see overall engagement of students, teachers and parents. The Schools can join Classdojo by sending a join request to ClassDojo. The respective team will verify the request and give approval.

After the account approval, the teachers can join school community by invitation. The students and parents can join their account from Classdojo homepage itself. Each year the student’s class will be upgraded along with the previous details of Student.

ClassDojo Beyond School

ClassDojo Beyond School can help students to use and engage with ClassDojo when students are on vacation or in free times. This is a monthly paid service of $7.99 subscription, but also offers free trial.

This service is totally free for parents and teachers. ClassDojo gives points to students for their positive habits and skills done at their home. But these points will not relate with the students Classdojo school account.

The ClassDojo Beyond School will help students to learn and perform different home Activities. The Parents add different goals to their children that can make kids active and motivated.

Parents can also give rewards to their kids for certain goal completions. These goals and rewards will be appeared on Student stories.

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