Ultimate Rap League from Caffeine

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Fight rap is now easier to reach at home or on your phone using Urltv Caffeine. It’s Ultimate Rap League and that’s going to be a tough task for Caffeine to compete with the likes of Twitch, YouTube and Mixer. Fight rap fanatics can see all the recent fights of the most popular fight Rap leagues, including Smack / URL, KODD, Dont Flop, QOTR.

The Ultimate Rap League is the most prestigious MC BATTLE Arena in the world. He Chat in real time with other fanatics and broadcasters, discovers shows, watches games and broadcasts Live sports via the Caffeine TV App. The URL fights were broadcast live on HD pay-per-view, but now even the random fanatic can see. You need a URL-Genesis-card, to see the Rap battles.

Caffeine Caster and Partner Program

Caffeine Caster is a new program that offers broadcasters unique new opportunities to establish themselves in the crowd, connect with other creators and interact with their audience in a new way.

The partnership program is for serious broadcasters who are passionately interested in sharing their content in caffeine transmission. The partners have a considerable audience, convey a variety of content and are pattern for the community.

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