Competitor for Tiktik By Byte, new Vine App

The Vine App co founder have introduced byte app which helps to shoot short videos and share over the internet. Like Vine, you can quickly capture the moments before you. This app gives more important to creativity and it comes in sudden from anywhere.

The video time for Byte app will be 6 seconds. This video can be shared to a community where short video fans will see your creative videos. If you are using Tiktok, you will know how this application is working to give fun or educational videos to your friends and people all over the world. With looped video and nostalgia towards it make people to enjoy every videos shared through Byte.

From their view, it is for people loves to watch different videos sharing culture, comics, talents, mimicry etc to a community where they really enjoy them. From this latest app, people are saying this is the come back of Vine app and people are remembering it’s moments they shared in the past days.

The New Face of Vine App

The Vine 2 which is Byte App is developed by Jacob Marttinen. This latest application is available for Android and iOS devices. If you are using Android smartphone, you can install it from PlayStore and if you are using iPhone, this app is available from AppStore.

Give a space for Creativity – Byte App

For everyone, they will have unique creativity where they don’t have a way to show their talents. This is where Byte app works. If your creativity is good, your video become viral and people will share among their friends and other people who follows them. The Explore option will show the videos from different publishers who share over this application and it will give access to videos which are becoming viral and getting peoples attention.

To take a video, you can click the camera button and hold the shutter button to start recording. If you are planning to upload your creative video on Byte, you need to read their community guidelines. If you think someone violates the any of the guideline, you can report it by flagging into the moderators attention. The flagging button looks like an arrow which can see overlay for every videos. You can also give the reason for the report.

Tiktok vs Byte App

Tiktok comes with an effort to share and make people day much more engaged. It already have endless videos shared by people all over the world. From different category you can select the video you need and play them. The personalized platform can also build using our data which will show videos we wold love and can be shared.

The biggest tread to Byte App will be the largest community of Tiktok. But anyway people will love to use this application because of some privacy issues reported in Tiktok application.

The Byte platform will pay their video creators to make this platform success. This payment program can be joined by anyone from their partner program.