Create and share the Best Friend Quiz

After opening the Bestiefy website, you give your name and the location from where you are. Please also select the language option. After providing the required details, you can click on the get started button.

Start with the Bestiefy Friend Quiz

You will be redirected to page where you create and can see the questions needed for the bestiefy quiz app. You can edit the questions as your wish. There will be 10 questions given which is created in default. There will four answers for each question.

There will be four options by default. This can also be deleted and if need addition, just click on add an option button which will create another option to the selected question.

For changing the question just click on the arrow below the question and can see the available pre-defined questions. If you need to give your own quiz maker question, select the Add your own question option and enter the question you need to ask.

There must be at least two answers for a question and one of the available answer must be checked to correct answer which you can see by green color. This color will show only to you and the person who answer your quiz will see all the answers in same color.

Give different colors to the heading 1 to 10 and it is not possible to decrease the count of questions. It is available to share the bestiefy quiz with 10 questions.

Share Bestiefy to Snapchat

After making the questionnaire and choosing the right answers, you can click on the share button to generate the quiz link. You can then share this link to your friends to get answers. You can share the link right from the download bestiefy app to facebook, whatsapp, messenger, instagram, snapchat and twitter. It can also share the whatsapp status.

When someone opens this link they need to provide their name to start the bestiefy quiz. They will be asked question in one by one order. For each answer they are selecting, it will either turn to red for wrong answer and green when that person chooses right answer. After they finish, they can see the buddy meter score of best friend quiz they attended.

The results of the quiz can see for you by refreshing the quiz link on your computer. You can see the bestiefy score and when click on view option, you can see the right and wrong answers chosen by your friend for each question. There is also an option to delete the Quiz and start a new one. Once you delete the quiz, the people who opens the quiz share link cannot see the quiz questions.

Bestiefy Questions comes by default

  1. When is Alex Jones’s birthday?
  2. Alex Jones has never ever…
  3. How many siblings does Alex Jones have?
  4. If Alex Jones could wake up with a completely different permanent hair color, what would it be?
  5. Is Alex Jones single or taken?
  6. What is Alex Jones’s favorite series on Netflix?
  7. If Alex Jones has one hour to spend 1 million, where you think he/she’d go first to?
  8. How many kids will Alex Jones have?
  9. If Alex Jones could go anywhere, it would be…
  10. What is Alex Jones’s favorite ice cream flavor?

You can add your own questions or edit these questions to ask your own questions. You can also ask your friends questions and give them rewards for correct answer. You can try like, If you say which company Smartwatch i have and if your answer is correct, i will give you Paypal giftcard of USD 10.

Like this you can ask anything, to anybody. So why wait, create the quiz and share to your friends.