Better Service for Indian Army through Armaan App

There are many services provided for Soldiers of Indian Army through mobile Apps. Hamraaz and Armaan are two important apps need for any Army personal. These apps are available only for Android devices.

Hamraaz and Armaan App can be only used by Indian Army personnels. Hamraaz App is provided for communication of their service and pay related information through their mobile phone. Armaan App is given for the better Service provided to the Army.

Armaan App helps Armed forces to contact Army Chief and other senior officers directly. It is also possible to contact other Army personnels and share suggestions and common problems with them. These can then raised to concerned officer and resolve the Individual or common problems.

Army personnels can book Guest rooms and Train tickets using Armaan. They can avail the defense quota for these bookings without other official requirements. The Soldier’s base number and Aadhaar number is needed to use the services provided by this App. This App needs Android Jelly bean or earlier version for installation and working.

Armaan App requires phone number verification where the given number must match with the number in Army records. If not the verification will be failed and cannot use the services of Armaan App. If you have changed your phone number, you need to first update the new number in the Army record. Then only you can continue with verification and start using the App.

Here is how to start with Armaan App,

  1. Download Armaan Army App from
  2. The Armaan Apk file will now downloaded.
  3. Open the downloaded file.
  4. Install Armaan App.
  5. Enter your Aadhaar number.
  6. Read and accept the terms.
  7. Tap on Register button.
  8. Verify the OTP sent to your mobile number.
  9. Create the Username and MPIN.
  10. Select and fill the security question.
  11. Confirm the details and submit.

The downloaded Armaan App file is in Apk format. Which is a System file and while file opening, you need to select Unknown sources to install the App file. This is because the source of the Application is not PlayStore. After the installation, you can open the file without any other problems.

While your account creation, you need to select two security questions and their answers for your Account sign up. After the verification, you will receive text message regarding the Account creation. From your Account overview you can see the various services provided by Armaan app.

Services that can be done from Armaan App

  1. Raise MES complaint.
  2. DD Quota Application.
  3. Araamgrah Booking.
  4. Information Timeline.
  5. Messaging Service.
  6. Grievances and Suggestions to COAS.

For raising the MES complaint, you need to provide the station, colony and house name. After submitting these details, it will open a window for providing the complaint.

The DD Quota application is where you can book your train. You need to submit the destination station and travel date for getting the booking option. You can see the available trains and their time for your search. Click on the train for selecting the Class and number of berth required. You can then submit these details and continue for the booking confirmation.

Araamgrah Booking helps to book guest houses and rooms for staying at the time of training and other duty traveling. Select Araamgrah booking and give your rank or category and select the staying place. This will show available places for staying. For AramGrah Room booking, you will need to Upload Valid Id Proof for verification.

Each time you open Armaan App, you can access your account using the MPIN. Your account homepage shows the Information timeline of Events, Programs and Special alerts from Indian Army. The Information Timeline update with Job related announcements and updates of events and programs going on.

The Message option shows the messages sent and received from others. The Personal and common messages can be accessed from this single window. If you need to add a contact, you can search them using their username or unit code. You can add an custom name for the contact for your reference. If you add a person, it will be available in the contacts tab. You can also use broadcast message option to send a single message to several of your contacts at once.

You can sent your problems and others queries using Grievances and Suggestions option. There will be different nature of problems given in this option. You need to select the nature and give the Subject and the Problem details for sending it to the concerned officer.

You can also give your feedback regarding the usage of Armaan App or Services related issues through Armaan App Feedback form. For your account related problems, you can contact the Armaan by using their Phone number or mail address, Phone : 011 23015644, E-mail id :

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