Different Apps for Caring and Help

Different Apps are introduced by governemts of counties to help the citizens of their country and people who come for travel, work and other needs.


Provided for people in Catalonia. The healthcare system will monitor your case based on the data sent by the application. The catalans can use this app to transfer their medical condition to govenrment. So they can know risk cases locations and sent out help.

Ministry of Health is making most helpful things to save the people’s life. The STOP COVID 19 CAT app will give questions to see what symptoms are affected to people and know the medical situation. This app can be accessed with the CatSalut code which is the user number on the health card.

Self Certification Spostamenti

This is self declared certification generator app for people in italy. You can show the complete self-certification while on travel. spostamenti it which is mobile self-certification. This have been made compulsory by the government. It will be helpful for citizens, travelers and workers in Italy.

It can be shown in the stations and airports. Italian Fs launches this app for self-certification only. This App will ask data regarding personal and health related details. After providing the data needed, the app will give a pdf file which can be download. You can then print this pdf file to show the officials.