Apple Airpod Pro with Wireless Charging Case

After the successful gadget Airpod, Apple have introduced Airpod Pro, the latest version of Airpod. It comes with easy to wear option with comfortable suit inside the ear. Apple announced the latest version that it will only gives the music not the discomfort of wearing the ear bud.

This latest gadget did not have any immense pressure or any other pain while using. This will help people who use headphones continuously. This device will cost around 250 dollars.

Airpod Pro Features

The Active noise cancellation is the main attraction of this new Airpod Pro. Along with the Airpod Pro, there will be three silicon ear buds which are soft and flexible. The three models are large, medium and small which can hold with Airpod Pro with respect to your ear comfort.

The external sounds coming from outside will be cut down before it reaches the ear. It gives pure sound quality and the anti-noise system gives the maximum sound quality. You can use this plug while you travel or when you are in a busy place where the surroundings are busy. There were many Airpod Pro memes shared on the Internet while Apple release this new item. It makes fun for people but it will be a powerful gadget of the year 2020.

Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode

If you are driving or crossing the road, you need to switch noise cancellation mode to transparency mode. This helps to hear voices and sound from outside which will be safe for you and others around.

The Apple Siri can be used easily along with the Airpod Pro. It is simple as the earlier Airpod version. You can use this also with the Apple watch which makes hand free activity with all fun element. You can best buy the product from Apple store or from the authorized sellers of Apple devices. This generation Airpod controls are different from the basic Airpod version. It is much more easier that that.

Wireless Case for Airpod Pro

If your are planning to use the Air Pod Pro on your travel, you need to carry the Air pod case which helps to charge the device on battery low. Actually it comes Apple wireless case, but if you need much more attractive case, which is also available online. The Airpod Pro did not come with black or other colours. It is currently only available in white.

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