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Transferring money is still a problem for migrant workers. They work for money, but when it comes to transferring it, they are still confused. If the medium used to transfer money is not safe, the money you send may disappear forever. Also, in this world getting busy day-by-day, it is very hard to spend hours for transferring money. Sometimes the procedures involved in transferring money may take a whole day which leads to loss of a day’s payment for some workers. Transfergo is a very easy solution to solve this problem.

Transfergo is an international cheap money transfer method. It is a digital medium for money transfer that is launched for migrant workers. They can send their money back to their families without paying excessive bank fees. When you set up your transfer, all the fees to be paid are included in the amount. You need not pay any additional fees above that. Currency fluctuations also does not affect your payment. Your receiver at the other end will receive the exact amount that you book.

The main feature of this is that funds are paid in and out locally, which means that money transfers do not have to leave the country. The business model used by Transfergo is a digital account-to-account model, which makes it a very good money transfer method.

Fast and Cheap Money Transfer is the motto put forth by the company. Transfergo claims to deliver money in less than 30 minutes, which is a huge help for migrant workers. So if you want to send some money home for an emergency, choose Transfergo. It is the best option. It has a powerful network of over thirty bank partners.

TransferGo transfers money between 45 European countries and 22 countries, which is a very big deal. It has offices in Lithuania and London, UK. Another attractive feature of Transfergo is that are no daily transfer limits set by the company. Also. Transfergo customers can have both personal and/or a business account. The website supports 7 languages and this adds to convenience.

Safety is the most important thing everyone think when it comes to money transfer. Transfergo is one of the safest means to send money because it is a licensed and authorized payment institution. It offers the same security standards as any commercial bank.

Coming to the history of Transfergo, the company was founded by Justinas Lasevičius, Daumantas Dvilinskas and Edvinas Šeršniovas. It was officially registered in the UK in 2012. It was in 2013 that TransferGo acquired their small payment institution license. This allowed the company to transfer money to and from all EEA countries. Refer-a-Friend programme was also introduced by Transfergo in the same year. This allows customers to earn extra money by referring new customers to TransferGo. In 2014, Transfergo introduced a mobile version and direct debit card payments. Transfergo has now expanded to world wide service.

On the whole, Transfergo is a digital method you can completely rely on to send money very conveniently. Their website gives you all the information you need to transfer money. It will be a good choice to go through the website to know Transfergo closely and then proceed with the payment, so that you can have a trouble free money transfer. Transfergo provides a wonderful support team too. The team is always at your service. You get to interact with them in the language you are comfortable. You won’t have to bear any jargon or long waits. They will provide you with the solutions to your problems associated with Transfergo.

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